About DarknetMarket

Founded in 2015, we’re a group that specializes in procuring the latest news and information about dark net content. Modelled after the now defunct deepdotweb (one of our favorite sites), we established our online presence after deepdotweb was taken down by authorities. 

We pride ourselves on delivering content that’s easily accessible and noteworthy to ensure that all our readers get valuable information. As we’re a hobbyist organization and we happily spend our free time curating the content on this site, you can rest assured that all the information fit to report is unbiased and factual. 

We’re non-profit, and the limited advertisements you see on this site simply help to pay for overhead such as hosting costs and programming work. I’m sure you can imagine these costs are considerable but we aren’t in this for the money – we do it because we love it!


We have been in the community for a decade (we were on Silk Road two years before it was cool), so we know a thing or two about how things operate around here. Our goal, pure and simple, is to help the markets thrive; we do not favor any marketplaces over others and we will tell it like it is. Scammers beware. 

Corrupt moderators beware. All other shady characters beware. A market down for an abnormally long period of time? A lot of us have had this worry in the past. Rest assured that if you came to this site, we would keep you in the loop as to what exactly is going on. We keep an update to date list of the marketplaces and verify that the URLs that we serve are accurate so our readers can trust the links to marketplaces. On top of this our policy is very strict – we will NEVER take money to alter any details of the sites on our marketplace list. The goal of free information is big around here so if you’re looking for information (as a journalist or otherwise) we’d be happy to help anyway that we can. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Markets come and go constantly and amongst this rapid turnover we feel individuals need a reputable source to go that’s constant and trustworthy. We strive to fill this niche and hope that you enjoy all that we have to offer.


Be safe,

Darknetmarket.com Team

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