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Bitbazaar is the first and safest crypto-asset investment platform funded by ScudoCash cryptocurrency that was established to provide intellegant portfolios with its expert investors, customer priority approach with safe and high-tech investment tools. It’s a big marketplace, where you can buy and sell a significant number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Monero, Lightcoin, DASH, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Bitbazaar uses features like walletless, ebay-style auction system, and anonymous orders without using an account. Let’s see those features with more details.

Anonymous orders. You don’t need any registration to make an order and get your product. Bitbazaar provides users with a key and a password to check the order details.

Walletless. Users don’t need to deposit funds before making an order. They can pay on the last page of the order with the exact price.

The auction system works like Ebay, users bid on an item and the winner is the highest bid.

Bitbazaar is PGP security, 8-digit pin-code, 2FA authentication.

The market also has on-site escrow.

The platform uses smart contracts that not only define the terms of the contract but also automatically enforce them. It uses the ideal smart contract for an exchange, including partially avoiding the smart contract itself in favor of the carrier that delivers: even if the sale is unsuccessful, the carrier is obliged to make the payment so that a clever contract can close the transaction even in such situations.

The platform has an Integrated Forum. They charge only 1% Commission that is the lowest out of any market.

Convenient interface makes it faster and easy to find the product you need. Using different filters you can choose the category of the product, the place an order ships from, and ships to and the transaction type.



Be careful with organized phishing campaigns against Bitbazaar users.

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pierre Lemaire
pierre Lemaire
8 months ago

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8 months ago

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jack H
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