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For many, the darknet ends up on drug sites, but this is only the smallest part of the dark side of the other Internet. In the darknet, there are also sites where a user will get a lifetime ban for trying to hire a person in the drug business. Let’s see what are the biggest hacker and carder forums in the Russian and foreign darknet.


This forum is mainly devoted to hacker topics. The cost of registration is$100. Exploit.in respect in the Russian darknet, and Western colleagues sometimes look here. The main contingent is carders who offer their services-from creating websites to providing botnets. The resource is available in the clearnet, and it also has a Jabber server that is revered by users no less than the forum itself.

Hacker forum Exploit.in.

The forum is a CLOSED platform. There are 2 ways to get access to the forum, paid and free.

Paid: The cost of registration on the forum is $100 and is carried out automatically. After clicking on the button and filling in all the data, you will be redirected to the payment page. Before making a payment, Your account will have the status «not activated». After depositing funds, the account will be activated automatically, and the accanute will be assigned the «Paid registration» group, which has the same privileges as the «User» group. If you have any problems with payment please contact Jabber support@exploit.im.

Free: You must meet one of the criteria: Have your own service on friendly forums that have been running successfully for more than a year, has at least 10 reviews. A representative of the administration or team of a friendly forum. Specialist in C/C++, Assembler, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic,.NET, Kylix, Python, etc. As well as web-oriented languages: PHP, Perl, ASP, JavaScript, XML, XSL, MySQL, MsSQL, and others, with registration on friendly forums for at least 2 years. Specialist in the field of malware, exploits, bundles, AZ, crypt, with registration on friendly forums for at least 2 years IMPORTANT: if You do not meet one of the criteria, you will be denied free registration!

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Cole Goblin
Cole Goblin
3 months ago

The dark Web is the only place I recommend anyone looking for hacker to use because of the Hidden wiki there, Dark Basin is also one of the forums I refer due to the simplicity of the platform. They also have Dream Forum where you can find more hackers but I prefer working with Dark Basin because most of their hackers are screened before they are allowed to list their services.
Sniffingnose ATrepairmandot co m is also my fav hacker group as I have been working with them for months now.

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