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Hanf4You, also known as HHShop7, is Dutch storage of weeds and hashes only in the Tor network. Hanf4You is a private store of cannabis and hash in English and German. Approximately since the first Silk Road. Immediately following the placement of an order for €5,000 or more under the same Hanf4You account, you will be awarded Golden and Platinum MEMBER status after you have ordered for €50.000, the gold and Platinum member will have access to higher-quality strains.

This can be considered the oldest and most surely reliable market to date, the Hanf4You Market since 2018, making it 2 years old to date. Today you can register for free to get into the system.

Because this market is managed by one supplier, therefore, it has a very low number of products, security features will not be at a proper level, given how the administrator is a supplier, therefore, need Escrow, 2-FA, MultiSig.

To open a deposit, you need to deposit at least 0.1BTC, which will be returned after closing the account by the seller. Three confirmations are required before then confirmed deposit.

Also, ensures Seller transparency by publicly displaying their overall sales/disputations/rating and other users’ feedback. Has a «Trusted Seller» seal that helps buyers instantly get rid of more trusted sellers from less trusted ones.

Payment for your order should be made in currencies such as BTC and Monero. For communication, an official forum is provided here or you should follow the official Dread link.

Marketplace Urls:


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