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Launched on the 5th of april 2020, Icarus market has been on a fast rise, since its launch. While, the operators still have a lot of proving to do, with regards to its credibility and trust in the market; however, with the rate of improvements and development that we would be looking at, this new rising star may become another golden age era for the English speaking darknet market (DNM).

Please note that, in this review we do not, in any way, vouch for or endorse this marketplace. Users are fully liable for any losses, harm, damage, or legal implication that may arise with their use of this site. Users are therefore expected to observe all due diligence, with regards to their use of this site and their applicable local laws.

The U.I and user-friendliness

The website is accessible via any of these links, using the tor browser or any similar, special-use, top-level domain browsers:

Marketplace Urls:


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That being said, Icarus has a conventional modern UX design interface. This consists of a robust left sidebar menu for product listings navigations and an item search bar, which is based on the user’s search preference.

More precisely, the navigation search bar offers over 9 listing categories in its open menu and 51 other categories in the category submenu, with each all having several sub-categories.
With its header menu system, Icarus has a classic left-side header menu, for other UX needs, which are “Home”, “Start Selling”, “Orders”, “Messages,” and “Support”.

It’s worth noting that, since April of its launch, the site operators have been on a never-ending effort to improve the user experience of the site. With this trend, in the near future, it is most likely that the site’s user interface will have evolved from what it is,
as at the time of writing.

How to Register

Registration is quite simple on Icarus, like with almost all DNM sites no personal data is required from either patrons or vendors.

All that is required is a complex password, a unique username, a six-digit pin, a personal phrase, and finally, filling the captcha bar to complete your registration. It is worth noting that for first-time users, once you click the registration bar, you may not get a notification stating that your registration has been completed.

Hence upon filling the registration form, once the page loads, proceed to login into your dashboard.

Icarus’ security

Icarus has about 4 lines of user dashboard and escrow fund security, which are: 2-Factor authentication, a six-digit security pin, a secret phrase, and a Mnemonic code, which comes in handy for account retrieval.

Also, the secret phrase entered upon registration, is somewhat similar in function to 2FA. It serves as an anti-phishing line of security, which is common amongst deep web marketplaces. Also,
for its 2-FA, an encrypted PGP message is shown to the user. This requires the user’s registration private key, in the form of the mnemonic key phrase to decrypt the message, to open the account.

Product Listings

Icarus offers over 51 order categories, which range from Drugs, Fraud, Digital Products, Counterfeit Items, Jewels & Gold, Carded Items, Services, Software & Malware, Security & Hosting and several other categories.

In total there are over 33,900 listed items as at the time of this review.


The payment options out there are Bitcoin (BTC), Litcoin (LTC), and Monero (XLM). With its payment options, there is the choice to Finalize Early (FE) or to use the built-in centralized escrow system.

If a patron chooses to purchase a FE goods or service, the funds are instantly available for the vendor to withdraw, once the other is shipped. This option is, however, only available for trusted, established vendors. In this case a buyer can’t make a dispute
query for any reason.

When using the built in escrow wallet, the escrow funds from the buyer are held in the escrow wallet for 14 days for physical orders and 3 days for digital orders. In this waiting period, the buyer has the right to send a dispute query for the order.

What is more, there are 5 standard fait currency exchange options available for transactions, which are USD, EUR, GDP, AUD and CAD.

Vending Policies and Rating

There is a $300 one-time vendor bond. However, there is the privilege of vendor bond exemptions for established merchants coming from a respectable darknet marketplace. It is also stated on the site that there is the possibility of this amount increasing.

eligible for a free vendor bond. Also, there are 10 step thresholds, based on the amount of transactions, by which vendors are ranked. These are:

1. level 1: any trader below 1,000 USD worth of completed trade;
2. level 2: must have traded up to 1,000 USD;
3. level 3: must have traded up to 10,000 USD;
4. level 4: must have traded up to 30,000 USD;
5. level 5: must have traded up to 80,000 USD;
6. level 6: must have traded up to 150,000 USD;
7. level 7: must have traded up to 400,000 USD;
8. level 8: must have traded up to 800,000 USD;
9. level 9: must have traded up to 1 million USD;
10. and level 10, must have traded up to 1.5 million USD;


Also, beyond the level rating, Icarus has a standard overall rating
system visible to prospective buyers, before making any purchase or
contact with the seller. This rating is based on the following parameters:

  • A trusted seal
  • Finalize-Early seal, which is available for trustworthy and
    established vendors
  • Level, which is based on the vendor’s transaction volume in
    USD, as was stated above.
  • Dispute, this allows the buyer to know if a seller has a
    pending dispute and their dispute track record.
  • Feedback score; this is where previous buyers leave
    feedback from previous trades.
  • Registration date, this tells of the sellers age in the
    marketplace. At the moment of writing Icarus is only about 5
    months old, so there is not so much to be said about a
    seller’s credibility and their age on the platform.


Affiliate Bonus

Upon registration, every user is giving a unique affiliate link, which gives them 25% off their referrals’ order market commission fee.

Site Support

On its header menu, is the support drop-down tab, which has 3 other support, sub-categories in the support drop down tab. These categories are —

the tickets, which can be opened by any user via their userpanel. This is used for general complaints about the site and any related user issue.
The Next is the “Disputes” tab, which is where complaints regarding unsatisfied deal terms are made. Finally, in this drop down sub-menu is the FAQ page for general self service and information enquiries.

Deposit and Withdrawal Requirements

The deposit limits are a minimum of 0.0007 BTC for Bitcoin, 0.2 XMR for M,onero, unfortunately the deposit limit for Litcoin wasn’t stated, while researching for this review. Also, a minimum of 1 confirmation is required for Bitcoin deposits and a minimum of 10 confirmation for Monero deposits.

It is worth noting that there are no fees applied to a patrons deposit. However, there is a commission fee of 4% charged on every vendors’ withdrawal.

Other Platform Features

  • Extend Finalization: this is when an order
    auto-finalization timer is extended to give the seller
    some delivery grace period; this, however, depends
    on the buyer. Also, this feature can however only be
    extended twice.
  • Order Status: There are 6 order statuses on this site
    which are, Processing, Accepted, Shipped, Finalized,
    Refunded, and Disputed.

  • Timezone: the operators use the coordinated universal (UTC) time zone.

Our Verdict

So far, in its 5 month existence, Icarus has been on a constant developmental journey. However, with the rate of exit scams in the darknet marketplace, its operators still have a long way to go with gaining user credibility.

Finally, we do not in any way vouch for or endorse this service. Users are expected to carry out all necessary due diligence before trading.


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