The French Connection
The French Connection

The French Connection

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The French Connection is presented to users as the most ancient market on the Darknet that sells drugs. French Connection has one supplier represented by the market administrators who sell the product, and others as such.

As a rule, such platforms, where there is only one supplier, do not have a large variety of products, including those that are not ready to provide many security features.

French Connection: what the market offers.

Main URL: abyssopyps3z4xof

Registration: mandatory, but free of charge

Security features: not provided

The seller of the bond: vending is not allowed

Currency: bitcoin.

This resource can be viewed without registering, but in this case, it is impossible to place orders.

Products of the French connection.

Here you can buy nothing but drugs, digital goods, fakes, jewelry, etc. However, all products have several lists depending on the quality and quantity, which contributes to the order of several products of a predetermined quantity. Here you can buy heroin, both expensive and cheap, brown sugar, cocaine, Superman pills, speed paste, etc. Consequently, it has all kinds of sought-after medicines that users are searching for on the Darknet.

Instructions for orders.

Initially, you need to register and log in. Then go to the site, select the product, and add it to the «Cart». Now we place an order, enter the delivery information on the next page (which must be encrypted with PGP) and click «View order». Then you need to «Send an order» and top up the BTC wallet specified in the previous window, and wait for confirmation. As soon as the order is confirmed, it will be automatically sent to the address you specified.

According to the market, European parcels usually reach their recipients within 3 days, except for Asian countries, since it will take at least 25 days! All other States fall within the specified minimum-maximum period.

However, when you are really interested in a French Connection product, it’s worth a try. Choose the minimum possible amount of drug you buy, see if they deliver and how long they need, and then raise the bar from there.

Marketplace Urls:


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robi borah
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4 months ago
3 months ago

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