Verified Forum (Ru)
Verified Forum (Ru)

Verified Forum (Ru)

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Among Russian carders, Verified Forum (Ru) is one of the most respected long-livers. Like WWH, it has become a kind of carder’s textbook and a place for communication, searching for information and people needed for shadow work.


Registration on the forum costs $50, it is impossible to register for free. But even after paying for access, it is problematic to do business on “Verif”, because carders always treat newcomers with caution. Some old-timers must first vouch for the newcomer – only then he can start doing something on the forum. That is, even if the user has gained full access to the forum, he will not be able to do business without a guarantee or deposit.

Verified is a large-scale Russian-language forum dedicated to shadow activities. Here you can conduct professional activities in areas: Carding/Hacking/Coding/Fraud/Cash. Here you can buy a debit card, ready-made firms IP Ltd, take the bay, take the bay on the map.

However, as is already observed by many users of the black market, who visit these places to buy goods prohibited for free sale, this forum can no longer be found at the same address. He continues to actively change one domain to another.

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