Austrian Teen Detained For Reselling Controlled Substances At Street Value of 45k Euros

Austrian Teen Detained For Reselling Controlled Substances At Street Value of 45k Euros

A teenager, the resident of Upper Austria, at the age of 17, was taken under custody for reselling narcotics in the amount of not less than 45k euros worth.

Due to the information provided by the detectives, the young man had illegally placed an amount of approximately four kilos of marijuana, as much as seventy-five grams of hashish along with sixty grams of amphetamine totally valued about 45,000 euros on the dark web market.

Just think of the quantity. Now imagine how a teenager could possibly obtain a variety of drugs in such a great amount. The answer is clear, that is through online darknet hidden services, which, however, are not open to the public use. Such dark web markets cannot be accessed until your computer, or whatever device you are using to get into the darknet, is fitted with the Tor specific software. By the way, the dark websites are well recognizable by their unique top-level domain.

Such markets are often applied by criminals with the intention to distribute specified products. Trafficking criminals are attracted by the dark web because of the obtained ability to browse darknet markets freely – their online activity won’t be traced. By paying in bitcoins, one can order whatever is wanted and get it delivered in a certain time span. Thus, dealing with online drug dealers, the teenager was supplied with controlled substances, which he would eventually resell and get a sufficient profit.

Subsequently, on April 14th, the search warrant of the teenager’s house was executed by the police service. That search resulted in seizing of an unspecified amount of cash, twenty ready-for-sale packing units of marijuana weighing 380g along with the drugs packing materials. In addition, a few digital devices, like computers and cell phones, were also confiscated and consequently examined. The devices were suspected to have been used for the execution of drug online trafficking.

Subsequently, the teenager suspect was taken under custody, and he was also taken in for an investigative interview. Due to the information available, as soon as he was taken under custody, the accused pleaded partially guilty of drug-related crimes.

The 17-year-old defendant capitalized on the distribution of various specified substances to locals of predominantly the Alberndorf and Gallneukirchen area. The drugs reselling was carried out with the purpose of getting profit. It was the means of his sustenance and the substitute of different addictive substances sorts. Rather a risky and unjustified way of earning a living by a teenager, isn’t it? At the age, teens are already allowed to earn money without breaking any laws. What prompted the seventeen-year-old boy to decide exactly on drugs reselling? The question remains unanswered.

Provided by the notification, made by the State police of Upper Austria representatives, after the inquiry into the circumstances of the teenager’s drug trafficking, it was established that he, in fact, sold the narcotics to young people from the district with the involvement of middlemen.

Throughout the course of the judicial inquiry, the law enforcers detected as many as twenty-five young people suspected of purchasing drugs from the teenager accused. All of them were taken under interrogation. Their suspects’ cases were forwarded to the prosecuting official. It is of importance to note that not only the teenager’s clients were identified, but also his criminal associates. The regulatory authorities are investigating a sufficient quantity of the presumptive drug vendors these days who illegally sell different sorts of controlled substances through the so-called Darknet. The latter is known to be a huge part of the World Wide Web, providing a variety of hidden services that can be accessed only on the condition that your digital device is fitted with the Tor software. This enables users to hide their true digital footprints, which is of great importance for those involved in illegal online activity as they cannot be traced.

It was stated that the accused had gained possession of the high-volume amount of drugs by ordering them from the dark web. The purchasing had been executed from different dealers, never known before, in Linz, the capital city of the Upper Austria state. The teenager had soon sold them profitably to twenty-five people, mostly young drug consumers who also underwent the investigation on drug-related issues.

When being interrogated, the accused teen partially confessed to drug trafficking. Nowadays, the 17-year-old is reported to the public prosecution service.

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