Shere is a list of valid URLs, gotten from dark.fail, to get on board the Darkmarket interface:









Also, upon signup, there is a 12 word mnemonic keyphrase which serves as your account recovery key, if you lose your password. Without this, account recovery is impossible, if you lose your password, since no backups are kept by the admin.

Product and service listing

As at the time of writing, there are over 94 thousand items listed on darkmarket. All of which are offered across 9 listing categories and over 100 sub-categories. This includes both service, as well as digital and physical goods. 

Also, Darkmarket offers a comprehensive sidebar listing menu and a top bar search filter, as you will find in the screenshot above. This filter allows you to select price range, item category, seller and buyer location, as well as listing time. 

Admin & support

The admin outrightly boasts of being a female only squad. The admin also claims to be available round the clock, all days of the week. However, we weren’t able to practically verify this while researching for this review. 

Unlike most Darknet marketplaces, the admins at darkmarket offer their job roles and aliases, adding some personality to the marketplace. More specifically, their aliases and designations are —Sassy and Dark, as marketing Managers and RedLotus and Citizen as support staff

The support team can be contacted via the support messenger icon on the header of the site. And also, the marketplace uses the UTC timezone.

Payments, withdrawals and fees

Payments on Darkmarket are settled either in Monroe (XLM), or Bitcoin (BTC). Also, all transactions are real-time, wallet-less transactions. In other words, buyers only fund a transaction on purchase, which reduces the risk of fund loss if the market is attacked or outrightly shut down.

This involves the generation of a payment wallet address droplet, on every purchase. This technically acts as an escrow droplet. Hence, by default sellers get sales funds sent to them once delivery is confirmed or 12 days after the vendor marks it as delivered, if it is not disputed.

Also, there is a “finalize early” exemption, for trusted and approved sellers. In this case, payments are released on the approval of the F.E vendor.   

Also, the admin fee is 5% of all funded orders. This includes disputed, refunded and cancelled orders.  

Premium Listing

Darkmarket offers premium listing options for sellers. This gives a vendor the opportunity to advertise their product on either the homepage, the search pages or the category pages. 

This ad fee lasts for a month; with discounts being offered for quarterly listing, 6 months listing, as well as annual listings.

Vendor rules and terms

After signup, to become a vendor, aspirants must first generate and enable their PGP key. Also, the vendor bond, which has been on the rise since 2019, is currently at $750, as at the time writing. 


There, however, is the possibility for a new vendor to waiver this bond fee. This exemption is usually for new vendors who are already established, with a minimum of 6 months, on other established darknet markets, with a ton of positive feedbacks. 

More specifically, these are markets like Dream, Wall St, Cryptonia, Berlusconi, Whitehouse, Tochka, CGMC, Nightmare, Empire and the already shutdown Apollon. 

Ultimately the admin of Darkmarket reserves the right not to waiver a vendor bond even with the above terms being met. 

Generally like with most markets, Darkmarket allows vendors to set their trade terms. However in setting these terms, they must not violate general trade rules. 

One good example is that a vendor without a “finalize early” approval from the admin must not place that as their trade terms in any listing. Doing that can result in a ban on the market.

Rules and Limitations

Like with any marketplace place darkmarket has standard usage rules, with violation penalties, ranging from temporal to permanent ban. The rules cover prohibited items and actions which are considered offenses.


Prohibited items and services out there range from contract killings, harmful or violent products or services, fentanyl, carfentanil, any synthetic structural analog equivalent, weapons which discharge high velocity rounds, and so on.

Besides selling any of the prohibited items, users could be penalized for doxxing, FUD, threats and violence, racial speech or actions, hate speech, and making false or unfounded accusations. 

Also, a vendor could be reported for outright scam or for displaying tendencies of scamming. More precisely, these tendencies are —having several 1 star reviews, scam warnings from other buyers in feedback, selling to prohibited geo-locations. 

Finally the banned regions not accepted on Darkmarket are United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Russia.

Security Features

With regards to order-funds security, Darkmarket operates a wallet-less funding system, which means that orders are only funded upon purchase, like we previously mentioned, this limits the possibility of wallet hack or an exit scam. 

Also, as previously mentioned there is a 12 word mnemonic key, for account recovery, if a user losses their password. 

This is because there are no backup files of users’ passwords. By implication, losing the key phrase makes the account impossible to access.

Final Verdict

Our conclusion here is that this market has a huge and rapidly growing user base, a huge pool of products listed. This in and of itself is quite impressive, for a market that is just about a year old.

Also with its U.I design, darkmarket has a sleek and easy to navigate sitemap. However, there are a few overlaps in its sub-category arrangements. In all darkmarket is has grown to be one of the biggest darknet markets currently active.

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Good, Thank you!

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Is the dark market working again

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Let me know

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