Former Abilene Youth Minister Accused In Pedophilia Enters To U.S. Marshals Most Wanted List

Former Abilene Youth Minister Accused In Pedophilia Enters To U.S. Marshals Most Wanted List

The U.S. Marshals Service extended the Most Wanted list by adding a former Abilene youth minister, accused in pedophilia, to it. This decision had been caused by the ex-minister’s failure to appear in court after being accused in committing child sex-related crimes.

Winston Forest, aged 47, is described as s 6-foot brown-haired white male with blue eyes. His weight is about 250 pounds. Provided by his health state, he needs drug therapy. Forest may be seen wearing prescription glasses. As far as specific physical characteristics are considered, one can recognize Winston Forest by a unique tattoo on the right leg. It symbolizes the Star Wars. The man is well-known as a rather unrestrained person talking very loudly.

The remuneration of about $25,000 is offered by the United States Marshals Service for sharing any info contributing to his taking in custody. They urge people aware of any specific details about Forester’s location to inform the law enforcement sources in their cities.

Winston Forest, known as the Abilene youth ex-minister, has been enlisted among the most wanted fugitives by the United States Marshals Service. After his non-appearance before the court the detectives suspected the man in having escaped to Mexico. Forrest was accused in an illegal flight for the purpose of avoiding prosecution in June 2009. This initiated Forrest’s detection.

The Sheriff’s Office of Taylor County expects Forrest to be detained on the charges of an aggravated child rape abuse, further bail jumping and non-appearance before the court. As far as the information provided in the U.S. Marshals’ press release reveals, they joined Forrest’s detection after his accusation in fleeing.

The retrieved person was declared to be a substantial hazard to the society and children in particular by Donald Washington, the USMS Head. Thus, the law enforcement authorities will appreciate any details which can be of help to detect the fugitive.

The press release informs that Forrest was brought accusation against in 2015, when his four victims revealed the fact of being sexually assaulted by him. The assaults had been repeated throughout seven years.

This fugitive is believed to have taken advantage of his duty as Abilene youth minister at a few churches. He could effortlessly find subjects of sexual interest there and groom them. In particular, a well-known fact is that he served as the day care teacher at the Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in the nineties. Winston was accused by one of his students in having sexually abused him on repeated occasions for 1993-1999 years. The offences started when the boy had been a student of the second grade and were not over until he entered the eighth one.

Considering the matter, as the Abilene Reporter-News reveals, the victim had not reported about being assaulted on a repeated basis over the years. This was reported only in 2011. Winston was charged with the related offences in July 2015. The accusation against him was brought by a grand jury of Taylor County.

The ex-minister, Winston Forrest, was detained on April 2, 2015, on the basis of two cases of the child sexual offences under aggravating circumstances. However, he was set free on bail. His trial hearing date was scheduled on August 29th, 2016. Nevertheless, Winston did not make his appearance that day. The investigators admitted he had never set to do that.

Darrell Clark, Deputy U.S. Marshal acting for Texas Northern District, informed that Forrest had projected the escape to Mexico so that to create a new identity there. The supporting information of his illegal escaping to Mexico was obtained only after the trail had already vanished into thin air. Forrester managed to achieve this by the usage of the empire dark web.

It is important to note that the darknet services are marked with a specific empire market url. In order to be granted access to empire market mirrors, users are expected to install a specific software akin to Tor. The usage of the Tor browser enables reaching any empire market. Unless your device is fitted with Tor, you cannot follow any empire market mirror links. The software can browse empire market onion websites and hide your activity on such services. Thus, Winston Forrest managed to conceal his true digital footprint. By following the empire market link, he was provided access to hidden communication channels through which he arranged his fleeing. His online activity cannot be traced. As well as his location, that is still unknown.

Watch the second season run of “In Pursuit with John Walsh”. In the TV programme, the matter of Forrest’s fugitive status is highlighted.

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