Third Lawyer Wanted – Canadian DarkNet Dealer Abnegates Bail Bid After Parting From Second Lawyer

Third Lawyer Wanted – Canadian DarkNet Dealer Abnegates Bail Bid After Parting From Second Lawyer

A Yellowknife resident, serving a sentence after being accused in drug-related crimes, abnegated his decision to be set free on bail until the pronouncement of a new sentence. Afterward, he said goodbye to his lawyer.

It is of interest to note that Paul Harte, was not actually the first but the second counsel defending the Yellowknife resident named Darcy Oake. The former was Charles Davison. In January 2019, Oake fired him when the trial was about to start. Charles Davison, as well as Paul Harte, is well-known for his advocacy activity. These attorneys are named among the most experienced attorneys. Who will be the third one to protect detained Darcy’s rights? This question is curious enough, however, implies no answer as yet.

The court has been investigating the case of the Yellowknife man for about 3,5 years. Darcy Oake, aged 25, had previously asked to be set free on bail because of the danger of infecting himself the coronavirus behind bars.

Although risky enough, several American states have decided to discharge separate carefully chosen detainees either on bail or on parole. Such actions are approved by the intention to lessen the risk of the Covid-19 spread within a jail and beyond bars. Several detainees of the NSCC, the largest jail in Yellowknife, where Oake is now incarcerated, are also known to have been released. Unlike persons in custody who may be set free on concrete conditions, Oake had been charged already. Still, he requested for release on bail. However, later Oake changed his mind. What prompted him to reconsider his decision without learning the judicial decision? This is another unanswered question.


For the first time, Oake was detained and accused in November 2016. During his trial in March, it was brought to light that Oake had been supplied with furanyl fentanyl through the empire dark web. In fact, any empire market can be reached only by following the empire market mirror links, the functioning of which is possible only with a specific software program installed. Generally speaking, any empire market URL is rather specific: it contains the.onion top-level domain. Thus, empire market mirrors can be easily identified.

Oake confessed in ordering the furanyl fentanyl through the empire market onion website by running a browser that concealed his digital identity. However, according to his words, he thought it to be a Canadian supplier because the empire market link, he had followed, led him to the website that was in English and displayed prices in Canadian dollars.

However, in fact, he had dealt with a vendor from Hong Kong. As a consequence, he got two overdoses and was responsible for the friend’s overdose as well. The woman possessed some prescription tranquilizers. She wanted to exchange them for the controlled sentences, Oake had previously ordered through the empire dark web. During the trial, the evidence revealed how she forced him to let her try the drugs when she found out he had ordered 10 grams on the empire market onion website.

Oake was charged with fentanyl trafficking. The resident of Yellowknife was suspected to possess the drugs with the intention to distribute them to Canada by illegal means. On top of that, Oake was accused of the criminal recklessness resulting in bodily harm. He supplied his friend with drugs and she eventually overdosed.

Through a half-year period after these accusations, although, he was set free on bail and supposed to participate in the program dedicated to the treatment of Edgewood residents’ addiction. Oake had successfully gone through the source program. However, the man was detected in a love affair with a girl participating in the prolonged aftercare service, though they were not allowed to have any relationship. So, he was subsequently dismissed. To make matters worse, in January 2018, Oake was arrested on new charges related to cocaine possessing. He has been in custody ever since. Oake requested for bail twice after that, but he was denied.

Last week, though, Harte declared about Darcy Oake’s suffering from asthma, a well-known respiratory disease putting his client under a greater chance of becoming infected with the COVID-19 virus while being kept in prison.

Unexpectedly enough, when the judge’s decision was to be declared, that is on Friday, Oake abnegated his inquiry to be set free. It was the last day when he was defended by his second lawyer.

Harte provided no explanation of why he decided to be Oake’s defender any longer. He only mentioned that he was not “in a position” to act for Oak as well as to fulfill his duties as the attorney.

In fact, the detainee agreed on Harte’s removal from the suit. He also preferred to stay in custody and had announced that until being delivered a verdict. Harte assured that Oake will be provided with another lawyer, the third one already, by the legal aid. Who would that be? We are to find out in the shortest time span.

The sentencing hearing of Oake’s case is expected to be scheduled on May 12.

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