Whitehouse Review

Whitehouse Review

Whitehouse is one of the few darknet market (DNM) sites that sprung up —after several, epic exit-scams— in the english speaking DNM space. Since its launch, this market has been on the offensive, especially with its privacy and security operations.

Whitehouse market is Known for its high level of security best practice like— the mandatory use of PGP key encryption, for almost every data relayed across the platform; its exclusive use of monero (XMR), for transaction privacy; its javascript intolerance, for data and privacy protection; and a constantly ongoing bug bounty, to constantly improve its line of security.



We are not, in any way, connected to this site. you are fully responsible and liable for any loss or damage you may experience in your use of the Whitehouse market website.


Whitehouse Market’s User Interface.

The White House interface uses a simple and intuitive U.I design. Infact, the admin makes it explicitly clear that visual appeal is really not a priority to them. Rather, user privacy and security is top priority, which is obviously what everyone using a DNM website is on the lookout for. 

Despite its lack of aesthetic appeal, the site is, however, easy to navigate and is generally considered functional in usage, even for non-techy, first timer users.


At the homepage, is a page-wide header menu covering 6 listing categories. And over 60 sub-item categories. As at the time of writing, Whitehouse offers over 35,000 products, up for sale. 


Also, there is a search filter for quick and easy targeted search, with filter choices ranging from— Search terms, Shipping addresses, age of listing, and pricing.

At the time of writing, the list of valid Whitehouse onion URLs, which were found on dark.fail, are (Which were all last online on the 23rd of april 2020, 13:45:28 UTC timezone):











When signing up on Whitehouse, make sure to disable the javascript in your browser settings. With your javascript on, signing up is going to be impossible. This, by the way, is a healthy security best practice, when using any DNM website or market. 


Furthermore, the Whitehouse signup page accepts only lowercase characters, with a maximum of 16 symbols for registering usernames. Alpha-numeric combinations are equally accepted.


Security on Whitehouse

As earlier noted, Whitehouse puts security on top priority, over every other feature or standard, like interface design. In the words of its admins “our goal is to create a simple user experience while maintaining high levels of security and anonymity.”


On Whitehouse, without a PGP key, users are only limited to browsing through product listings and all non-transactional pages. Also users’ accounts without a PGP key have high chances of being deleted, as is clearly stated upon signup. 


Products Listings

Like already stated, as at the time of writing, there were over 35 thousand items listed for sale. All of these products can be found under the site’s 6 product listing categories and 60 sub-categories, which are— Drugs, Online business, Software, Services, Forgeries/ Counterfeits, and Defense/ Counter Intel.


Also, the sub-categories range from: currencies, bank-logins, jewelries, security softwares, cooperate intels, bank logins, Botnets and Malware, Electronics, watches, and so on.


Also, like with most popular DNM sites, there are also some standard exceptions to product listings, out there. Some of which are: child pornography, sales of human parts, as well as odd services like kidnapping, hired assassination and so on.


Payments, Withdrawals, and Vending Policies

Whitehouse operates a walletless escrow system. This means that, as a buyer on the Whitehouse market, the wallet address for payments is unique to every order requested. 

In other words,  you can only fund a transaction on purchase. This reduces the risk of fund loss, if the market is attacked or outrightly shut down. 

Whitehouse uses Monero (XMR) exclusively for payments. This is  because of XMR’s transaction privacy feature. There however, is the option of using a P2P exchange to convert your BTC holdings to  XMR, to help with ease of payment. Furthermore, all payments are valued in USD/XMR, EUR/XMR, GBP/XMR, AUD/XMR and CAD/XMR.

In funding, the escrow wallet for an order, payments must be made within 120 minutes of wallet address generation

As at the time of writing, the vendor bond on Whitehouse is $400. However, there are waiver exceptions for vendors coming with a robust reputation from an established market. This bond waiver, however, is at the discretion of the Whitehouse admin.  

Vendors only get their funds sent to them, when deliveries are confirmed, except for “Finalize Early” vendors who get them 4 days after delivery is confirmed by the vendor.


Site Support.

The Whitehouse market support uses the UTC timezone, which is something you want to keep in mind when sending a message. The support has dedicated PGP keys for various support queries, which are shopmaster key, Admin1 key and Admin2 key. Since these keys are likely to change anytime soon, there is no point showing the current designated keys.


So far,  based on user reviews on Reddit and other platforms, the Whitehouse support has efficiently helped to resolve complaints or settle buyer-vendor disputes efficiently.


Our take on the Whitehouse Market.

With a robust line of security protocols, Whitehouse is one of the safest DNM markets still active. However, with all the exit scams seen from reputable markets, in the recent past, there is not so much we can say, for a market just over a year old. Especially since its product listings are still growing, when compared to other markets like Darkmarket or Monopoly market. 


Finally, make sure to follow all security and privacy procedures upon every patronage, and use vendors with a healthy sales legacy. 

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