4-Step Phishing Protection Guide

4-Step Phishing Protection Guide

Hello Everyone, from the responses I got in the comment section, I got to know that lots of users aren’t getting the tricks to eradicate phishing. My aim today is to put things right so that everyone can benefit from it, and the issue of getting phished and losing money when trying to access Empire Market will be eradicated. These guides will be exposing us to various phishing tricks and their solutions.

Various Guides are trending on the internet on how to be protected from phishing, but most of these guides couldn’t help. WHY? Because the articles are ambiguous, and they are too detailed that they lose the important points and get the readers confused.

Here, my aim is to show users and an effective way to eradicate threats and dangers associated with phishing by keeping the guides short and sticking to every important point that will yield positive results. This article is also newbie-friendly, and I will be going straight to the points.

What is Phishing? Phishing in our society is very rampant, and it can be referred to as a social attack in which the attacker pretends as a trustworthy entity to get access to important information or data such as card details, usernames, passwords, and other vital information through the use of counterfeits text messages, emails and websites.

We have two types of phishing, namely :

  • Simple Phishing
  • Advance Phishing

I will give further details on the two types above, and I promise to make it very simple and easy to understand.

  • Simple Phishing 


Let’s take a look at this scenario.

A fraudster creates a counterfeit log in page using the actual design so as to make it look real. If anyone tries to access this page by logging in, a wrong password alert will be given, and he/she will be redirected to the original website’s login page.

The above scenario is very easy to detect, and it can be protected against by just making sure a PGP 2-factor authentication is enabled.

  • Advance Phishing

This type of phishing is the advanced phishing method. This method is very difficult to detect, and most of the time and victims conclude they are scammed by the website because everything looks and works out real and legit, but it isn’t so. Let’s take a proper look at the scenario below.

A fraudster builds a counterfeit website, and on the other hand, watches the real website and takes note of every activity taking place on the website. However, the only thing this scammer has access to is the deposit and withdrawal information and details, but the other part of the website is real.

Below are some of the phishing websites, for clarification check through all and let me know the differences in the comment section provided below.




Guides on Empire Market phishing protection 


I will be listing Guides on how to eradicate phishing forever.


Ensure you always use the link provided from a verified and trusted source. One of these is Darknet stats. This step is essential to take note of it. 

The next step is to verify the link in your Browser address by following the verify option. The input captcha option is the next, input the captcha correctly by using the entered captcha here option. 

After doing this, take a pause; you will get PGP signed message, which includes the URL you are accessing. Compare the two links if they are not the same exit the page immediately, but if they are the same, copy and paste the PGP signed message in your software.


Copy the PGP signed message and verify it. 

This can be verified by clicking the verify option on your PGP software. If the message is sent and signed by the empire market, a message will be sent to verify the PGP signed message. 



Verify the PGP signed message. This helps to protect sites from simple phishing. 



Enable 2-factor authentication 

Do not share your mnemonic and passwords on the log in page by using the password reset option or a message sent from the admin, and you should only share your pin with staff using the support ticket system only. 


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