How To Purchase Drugs Online Through Darknet Markets?

How To Purchase Drugs Online Through Darknet Markets?

Since Darknet Market tutorials are usually quite similar, it would be a reasonable idea to collect general points in one place. So, here is an informative guide revealing How to Purchase Drugs Online Through the Darknet Markets. Hopefully, it will be of assistance to work on most of them.

  1. Install a VPN

What we need to do in the first instance so that to get closer to purchasing drugs online through the Darknet Markets is to download a VPN, the software which is quite simple in installation and usage.

What’s the function of such a software app? Well, it encrypts all the user’s web traffic as well as fakes their real location. If your device is fitted with such software, anyone will fail to reveal your online activity. It implies that nobody can get to know what film you have just watched, what songs you’ve listened to, what blog you’ve looked through, what files you’ve downloaded, etc. VPN provides its users with another strong point: it conceals the evidence of getting into the Darknet due to the use of the Tor browser, that, in fact, features unique characteristics, by which the government or the Internet service provider can track its usage in case the device is running no VPN. If a VPN is active, the user’s actions will be regarded as typical for remote workers getting to their local area networks from home.

One more pro of running a VPN is determined by the ability to share the same IP address with numerous users. The user’s physical presence is identified by its IP address. If a lot of people are simultaneously using the same fake IP, they will be mapped in different from their physical presence locations, Thus, it becomes unrealizable to differentiate who is performing which actions.


  1. Fire up the Tor Browser to reach the Darknet markets.

What makes the Darknet services distinct from ordinary websites? It’s the Tor network that enables users to reach such services. Thanks to the Tor software, users are capable of performing online activity anonymously. Since a user’s connection is transmitted via many Tor servers, your online activity can’t be tracked even by your ISP. Nevertheless, the evidence of running Tor will happen to be eventually revealed after your web traffic is thoroughly analyzed.

Anyway, no Darknet Market can be reached without running it. So, apply it. Thus, you will chance to enjoy one more Tor network benefit: it keeps the Darknet markets in anonymity and such configuration that only the very network can open access to such websites. Thus, neither a real Internet address nor the server locator point can be revealed. As a matter of interest, the .onion top-level domain marks Tor concealed sites. So, you’d find no services labeled typically, kind of .org or .com, on the Dark Web.


  1. Get focused on desired Darknet Markets.

At this point, you decide upon what market fits your needs most of all has come. In fact, the Dark Web offers plenty of them, but mind that you can sign up not on all the services, only on available ones.


  1. Get registered.

Let’s go further. First, the Tor Browser must be fired up. Due to its running, Darknet markets will be made accessible. Now we are to visit the registration page. Typically, at this stage, users are required to complete the form. However, avoid applying the username that can possibly reveal your either true or virtual personality. Besides, all the credentials must also be unique on each Darknet service. The same thing goes for a safety pin, You will be requested to enter whenever you affect payment. Since it is irretrievable, strive to remember it. You can even store it somewhere but not on your PC.



  1. Customize User Profile Page.

Any Darknet market website can display various products priced in different currencies. The latter, however, can be adjusted at your profile.



  1. Decide on the Goods.

Modern online markets offer their users a variety of filtering options which will ease the process of looking for the necessary goods. Bearing in mind what drugs you are intending to purchase online, feel free to select corresponding filters exemplified below:



Domestic Goods VS Foreign-Made Goods.

An essential issue is whether the desired product seller is located in your country or abroad? Apparently, purchasing domestic drugs via the Internet is less risky than buying foreign-made goods from abroad. So, what makes ordering products internationally hazardous? In fact, the Customs may not only seize the products but also initiate the police investigation. This does happen sometimes on the basis of the product seller’s ambiguous background, for instance.


  1. Finalize Early (FE) VS Postpayment.

A lot of buyers prepay for their orders, implying that they remit money though the product delivery hasn’t been executed yet. Hence, they may waste money, receive no products, and, on top of that, their vendors may just disappear. Nevertheless, vendors tend to insist on finalizing early, so that not to bear the losses. However, be aware that you can be prevented from being cheated by post-payment. Therefore, use your own judgment. Usually, buyers are advised to hold to escrow to lessen the risk of being cheated.


  1. Accurately select a suitable seller.

So that to establish cooperation with a suitable product provider, study accurately his profile. Pay attention to his rating score. Don’t forget to check his product page. Besides, one can happen across various buyers’ reviews on a particular seller’s goods on the WWW. If you are planning to order some products from abroad, get acquainted with the terms and conditions for possible non-arrivals or failed shipments.


  1. Finance your Darknet marketplace purse in BTC currency.

Visit Here, Bitcoin can be easily purchased online. Follow the procedure below:

  • Get registered on LocalBitcoins. On this service, you also must insert the info not connected to your real or virtual personality. Though running Tor isn’t necessarily for registration, many people, actually, apply it.



  • Decide on the desired product seller by studying accurately different profiles.
  • Submit a purchase request.


The corresponding sum in Bitcoin will be in custody. You will be mailed an invoice in which your identification code is contained. As soon as you get it, remit the funds. Both participants of the bargain are expected to affirm their success. Afterward, the corresponding sum of money is released from escrow. Finally, your digital LocalBitcoins purse maintains BTC. Now transfer them to your Darknet market wallet.


  1. Try out tumbling (optionally).

The seller will acknowledge that transaction has been carried out as soon as he proves that your wallet is funded in BTC. However, in truth, he won’t find out its true destination. Still, users can apply some additional anonymity magnifiers. Let’s say, the Bitcoin tumbling service is considered to be rather effective. It confuses the trail so much that no one will manage to figure out what the bitcoins transaction source is. Note this is optional.

Let’s make it clear how tumbling actually works. Tumbling disrupts the public channel between users and their Bitcoin. Such services remit your bitcoins to the e-purse on the tumbling service. Alternatively, they receive numerous single payments, spaced over an unsteady timespan, to another your digital wallet, which totally equals the same sum of money you’ve put in. Finally, bitcoins will be wired from the LocalBitcoins e-purse to both the tumbler and Darknet marketplace wallets.

Just like tumbling services withdraw commission, a certain percentage of the remitted sum of money, the marketplace also withdraw some interest in the purchase price. Thus, such services should be funded with some extra money. How much? It is predicated upon the percentage of fees that will be totally withdrawn, usually, it’s about 5-15%. It implies that having decided on the product, and having set the price in bitcoins for it, you are expected to enlarge your transfer sum in comparison to the actual purchase price, considering a possible commission.

  • Get registered on the Bitcoin Blender server;
  • Copy a deposit address and insert it into your LocalBitcoins digital wallet. It will serve as the address that will receive your bitcoins;
  • Submit, indicating the transfer sum;
  • Check up both your wallets to ensure that bitcoins have been transferred. Mind that it can be carried out quickly, but sometimes it will take up more time.
  • Follow “Withdraw” at Bitcoin Blender;
  • Specify the transfer sum;
  • Insert your marketplace e-wallet address;
  • Send it. Your market e-purse will be funded with bitcoins.


  1. Apply Public-Key Encryption.

You won’t be impressed with the fact that the info exchanged by sellers and buyers is permanently maintained in every marketplace database. Supposing that you expect no one to ever gain access to your private details, there’s a possible way. Providing that you apply to encode, you are allowed to send encoded messages and to cipher your name and address. In this case, whenever a seller decides to contact you directly, he’d first visit your profile to receive the public key. So, you’d better not forget to insert it at your profile and save.

Furthermore, the seller’s public key must be pasted into your cryptographic algorithm program so that you can get your name and address encoded and then copied to the clipboard. Admittedly, vendors tend to provide buyers with the format they expect their names and addresses to be given in. Look at a typical format:

Anna Jones

107 Boston Avenue

Tulsa OK 74119.

You can start purchasing goods immediately after your market e-purse is funded enough money and you have applied public-key encryption to protect your messages.


  1. Purchase Drugs Online.

Mind that a user is allowed either to buy the product immediately or to postpone ordering by adding it to your online shopping cart directly at the product page:



Your encoded name and address must be inserted into a shipping section which typically looks like:



It’s time to submit your order. This process can take up some time.

Your order will undergo different stages, acquiring corresponding statuses. For instance, the order may be labeled as “processing”, “in transit”, “rejected”, etc. You must have noticed that your order may be rejected. In what cases might it happen? Well, if the vendor cooperates only with buyers with more reviews, he’s not available or your personal data isn’t formatted correctly, cancellation may take place.

If you have previously agreed to FE, finalize it, and release the money.


  1. Check up the delivery.

There must be no person worldwide who wouldn’t have counted on a flawless delivery. Unfortunately, not everyone’s expectations come true. There are thousands of buyers who remain unsatisfied with their order due to some reasons. Let’s make it clear what to do in both cases.

Assume that you’ve already received the delivery without any trouble. It’s supposed to resemble a typical mail, providing it’s properly sealed. Are you sure that your package encompasses the entire order and nothing is missing? Examine properly the product, you’ve received. Provided that no mistake has occurred, release the blocked funds by finalizing the payment, unless you’ve chosen to finalize early.

Responsible vendors do care about reputation. Careful buyers often concern themselves with feedback on a new seller to decide whether he is worthy to deal with or not. So, make a point of leaving your feedback, it’ll definitely be useful not only for the seller but also for his would-be buyers. Rate appropriately and comment on the quality of the received product, its delivery efficiency, etc.

Let’s assume the delivery has failed. What should you do? Reach your product vendor ultimately. Whereas due to an unintentional mistake, you’ve been shipped a wrong product or the delivery is overdue, the product provider can reship the order or compensate for your purchase price.

Suppose your vendor ignores the existence of a problem, remains indifferent and does not face up the challenge, you are obliged to register a dispute at the order page. The marketplace moderator will also participate in the dispute to balance your arguments and define who is responsible for the unpleasantness and how it can be resolved. Hopefully, you’ll not reduce to disputing. But in case, try to keep emotionally stable while disputing. Be careful in your actions, keep in mind that the product vendor knows your personal data. Provide your arguments, supporting them with evidence. Whereas you win the dispute, you will get the issue resolved soon in a positive for your way. Finally, the order may be reshipped or you can also be granted compensation. Good luck!

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