How to tap into onion websites?

How to tap into onion websites?

Just imagine what a huge amount of information has mankind received and processed during the centuries. There must have been a way to save it and store somewhere. With the invention of computers and the Internet, the task was simplified. Nowadays, we have a colossal database on the World Wide Web. The latter generally consists of three parts.


The common sites reached by an average user on a day-to-day basis are only the tip of an iceberg. This is a so-called Surface Web. Standard browsers can lead you to a variety of educational or entertainment sources. Still, the World Wide Web encompasses the parts which cannot be found even by Google. These zones comprise an enormous amount of information that is not supposed to ever be exposed to the public due to certain reasons. It is kept hidden in the Deep Web and the Dark Web and is well-protected by highly effective firewalls. The Darknet keeps healthcare records, financial statements, government reports, personal details, etc. As a matter of fact, it is possible to reach and browse the sites from the Deep Web.


Intending to use any site from the Hidden Marketplace list, one has to find a way to gain access to to.onion sites and check them out on the TOR network. In fact, this can be done effortlessly. However, in case you are not an experienced user of the TOR browser and network, but you’re set up on reaching the Empire Market for instance, here’s a comprehensible tutorial that elucidates the process of tapping into any Darknet.onion site.


Briefly About.onion Websites:

The TOR network provides a variety of anonymous hidden services which are denoted by top-level pseudo-domains. In the old days, these could be.UUCP or.BITNET. However, nowadays this refers to the.onion host suffix. Regarding this, mind two points:


  1. The addresses encompassing the. onion TLD differs from true DNS names, providing that such domains are in fact not registered in the public DNS.
  2. The.onion top-level domain is not installed on the Internet DNS root zone.


Nevertheless, provided that your computer is fitted with the Browser Bundle for instance, or any other corresponding proxy software, web browsers can submit a request via the TOR network and reach the sites with.onion addresses. You may ask what the aim of doing this is. Well, the answer is quite obvious. You’re enabled to reach online concealed services with your anonymity preserved. Onion routing makes tracking the actions of both the information consumer and the information provider harder, regardless if they intend to track down each other or to be traced by an intruder or an intermediate network point.


The thing is that onion sites are not called so by coincidence. Due to its layered nature, an onion, a vegetable, serves as an analog to the onion routing. At first, a massage undergoes encryption in several layers. Then it is transmitted through the onion routers, each of which is aimed at consequent “peeling off” a single layer of encryption. The message can be fully decoded only when all the layers are encrypted.


So, are you ready to learn how to make onion websites accessible? Follow the given clear instructions to reach them:

  1. Follow the given link: to download the Browser Bundle. Make sure you’re downloading the latest release of the software supported by your operating system. Warning: do not download this proxy software from any other website! Take a glance at the picture of the site you need, so that to assure yourself of reaching the necessary one:



  1. Now, when the Browser Bundle is already downloaded, it must be properly installed. The process is actually identical to the installation of any other software. Select the Destination Folder and click “Install”:



  1. The next step is to fire up the TOR browser so that it connects to the TOR network. Click on the file “Start Tor Browser”. You may be asked for confirmation, just do this by clicking “OK”:



4. If everything is well-done, you’ll see the confirmation that the browser has been successfully configured to use Tor. So, you’re now free to browse the Internet anonymously. You’d better double-check whether you are using the latest release of the TOR browser:



  1. You see, it’s as simple as that! Are you excited to give it a try? Do this! Just fill the browser’s address bar with any.onion URL and browsing freely on the invisible web will become possible for you


Note that JavaScript must be disabled in the browser. Keep safe and apply variable measures to stay anonymous online (try PGP and VPNs). Rejoice at browsing the hidden web and good luck!

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